Who's Attending the 45th

Here's the current list of 59 Classmates and Guests who have purchased tickets for our 45th Reunion as of September 27th. 


Tom Alschbach and Peggy Alschbach

John Blessing

Gary Borden

Heidi Braun

Ed Brink and Bonnie Brink

Jim Causley

Jim Colson and Lynne Colson

Phyllis (Cracchiolo) DeMars

Tina (Cusmano) Porrett and Jerry Porrett

Chuck DeMars

Greg DeMars

Wanda Doerner

Paul Flatt and Polly Flatt

Deborah (Garris) Canto and David Canto

Kathleen Guiles and Bill Tompkins

Craig Janutol and Gail Janutol

Cindy (Kilbride) Lowery and Doug Moyers

Bill Kondak and Sue Kondak

Steve Knoff and Eileen (Loeher) Knoff

Kay Kramer and Dean Differding

Dale Mantay and Julie Mantay

Carl Maslar

Sarah (Kuhlman) Mervak

Brian Mervak

Karl Naumann and Connie Naumann

Linda (Neale) Niczay and Tom Niczay

Gary and Nancy Nester

Mary (Powers) Hazebrook

David Rinke

Susan Rinke

Jeff Rush

Claudia (Schultz) DeWald and John DeWald

Sandy Shortt

Russ Smith and Kathy Smith

Peter Werle

Susan (Williams) Chaklos and Dave Chaklos

Ken Wood